Thin joint Mortar Scoop, aerated concrete blocks 100mm


LVS 100 94401
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ELBO Standard thin joint mortar scoop 100mm. This stainless steel thin joint mortar scoop is specifically developed for a fast and steady application of thin joint mortar to the head joints of aerated concrete of 100mm.


The ELBO Standard thin joint mortar scoop is made of stainless steel and specifically developed for a steady application of thin joint mortar to the joints of aerated concrete. The steady application of the mortar increases the quality of the wall. The mortar must be mixed according to the instructions on the thin joint mortar packaging. The distribution of mortar from the ELBO tools are adjusted to these instructions. The ergonomic form of the mortar application and the position of the handle provide the optimal user experience. The mortar scoop will be delivered with 1 stainless steel toothed strip. These strips are easy to change and because of the smooth inner walls the mortar applicator is easy to clean. Due to the feet on the bottom of the scoop you can put the scoop temporarily on the wall without wasting any mortar. With the help of the ELBO Mortar scoop support you can put the scoop on the sledge. This way you always have the scoop nearby. The Standard mortar scoops are available for a variety of wall thicknesses.


Weight 0.500000
Dimensions 235 x 104 x 56 mm
Barcode 8718164321511
Manufacturer Xella NL
Material Aerated concrete
Brand Ytong
Model Standard
Profile Vlak
Block types Blocks, Casco panelen
Power N.v.t
Wall thickness 100mm

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