Frequently Asked Questions

We were able to construct the Economy Mortar Sledge more easily, which means we can do it cheaper than the Standard Mortar Sledge. There are three main differences. The toothed strip on the Economy Mortar Sledge is not attached with wing nuts but tapped on. With the Standard Mortar Sledge there is a PU strip in the sledge for the slide seal. The Economy Mortar Sledge has been designed in such a way that this strip is no longer needed. In addition, there is a square 8mm stainless steel rod welded under the Standard Mortar Sledge which provides guidance over the blocks. With the Economy Mortar Sledge, the guides are molded during edging. Both types of the sledges are made of stainless steel.

Yes, after placing your order you will receive an email from UPS with a link to the track and trace page of UPS.

No that is not necessary. You can also order without creating an account.

By creating an account you will have to enter less data in the future when ordering. Moreover, you can always easily look up your order history and status.