Ceramic tools

For the bonding of calibrated ceramic interior wall blocks we have the Economy Mortar sledge and the Mortar rollers in our assortment. Both the Economy mortarsledge and the Mortar rollers ensure a good even distrubution of mortar over the entire block. Because of the good mortar distribution, you get an even pressure distribution when laying floor slabs, lintels, etc. This gives you a constructively better wall that can meet the quality requirements and processing instructions. Any tolerances in the bricks can be corrected in the mortar joint. The ergonomic shape of the Mortar tools ensures optimum ease of use and a healthier way of working. View the product pages for more information.

Advantages of using our ceramic tools

  • The tools are durable. Can be used for multiple projects & many square meters.
  • Made from stainless steel and easy to clean.
  • Fast, efficient easy application of the mortar.
  • Even mortar distribution promotes the structural performance of the wall.
  • Entire brick surface is covered with mortar
  • Europese norm -Eurocode 6- toepasbaar
  • Tolerances in the bricks can be corrected in the mortar joint.

Most sold wall thickness